A Meme Token in Support of the Fennec Fox Population

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A Meme Token in Support of the Fennec Fox Population

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About Project

A large number of NFT projects are placed on the cryptocurrency market, which most often carry an entertaining nature.

Our project wants to bring something more than just entertainment to the NFT world, namely to draw the attention of users to the large and amazing world of wildlife that surrounds everyone.

Thanks to blockchain technology and an exclusive NFT collection, we want to introduce you to one of the amazing representatives of the wild fauna – Fennec Fox, which will not leave you indifferent, make you smile and draw attention to yourself.

Let’s save the wonderful world, together with us and the cutest Fennec Fox!

NFT Collection

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Fennec Fox #2

14 810 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #7

57 535 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #8

33 250 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #4

24 615 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #3

52 720 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #1

56 725 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #10

40 200 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #6

26 430 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #5

63 860 $FENNEC

Fennec Fox #9

20 250 $FENNEC

* 100% of each sale will be donated to the WWF :)












* Tax (Buy/Sell) — 0%


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